Wednesday, 26 October 2011

News or Not News. Read all about it!

REC at ATBC notes how difficult it can be to tell the difference between what a ID supporter writes and a "shaney". Which supports the main idea behind this site, it's all drivel!

Pop Quiz (no cheating)
O'Leary or IDiot generator, edited for brevity. 


All kinds of strange stuff has happened since then, including stuff we complain about the Darwin fairy tale of highly creative gene duplication, and it’s too bad if some freak out about the Darwinsludge – the stupid stuff in defense of Darwinism. Which probably does far more harm to their cause than any of us are offended by the constant Darwin worship of the waste basket –


Are Darwin’s American tribe having a collective nutout or what? Joshua Rosenea went on to quote Virgil’s Aeneid that rumors of the kind I am spreading are “nimble as quicksilver among evils. OK, whatever. Please, lawyer, for all our coffee money for next week: Does Rosenau have a case if we link? Can he force us to break winter camp? This is about some film about dinosaurs in heaven, which nobody can afford to buy and isn’t on line. Dinos aren’t in heaven? We ain’t either. Difference is, we is askin’

Exactly so! While I was writing/debugging I made many searches of the strings that the shaney was coming out with back into UD because I was sure that they were written like that originally and the program was somehow not working and just spitting out the input. But no, every single time the sentence was not there.

I've actually got very little idea of how the shaney is generated in the first place, I've just pasted in a chunk of source code I eventually found. I know it's based on Markov chanins but I can barely understand my own code after a week never mind this:
for word in words:
      if prev1 != '' and prev2 != '':
        key = (prev2, prev1)
        if dict.has_key(key):
          dict[key] = [word]
          if prev1[-1:] == '.':
I know what all the bits do individually but has a whole, not figured much out just yet. But the nice thing about programming is you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Somebody else probably already wrote what it is that you are trying to do and it's out there to include in your work. I knew of the shaney, I just had to hope the source was out there and it was. I'll reproduce it in full shortly. 

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